Wypiekacze do chleba z formami ze stali nierdzewnej

A bread machine needs to be flexible, easy to use, and most importantly make delicious bread. The Sana Smart Bread Maker has a number of unique features that make it the best bread machine on the market. It comes with seven baking programs, and each of these can be fully customized. It also offers multi-phase rising, allowing multiple times and temperatures for each rising or baking phase. Dual removable kneaders ensure the best mixing as well as minimizing holes in the loaf. And low-temperature baking makes not only the most delicious bread, but allows it to make yogurt, tempeh, jams, and more.

The model here is the only one in the industry with a stainless steel baking pan and kneaders, allowing for the most hygienic and safe baking. It also includes energy-saving glass pan covers which allows shorter baking times and makes moister bread.