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Sana Juicer 878 red

With it's self-feeding XL hopper and vacuum storage, the 878 is Sana's easiest to use juicer.

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Opis produktu

Sana 878 self-feeding juicer

Truly a "set and forget" juicer. Just fill the 2-liter hopper with ingredients, start the juicer, and walk away. Vacuum storage keeps your juice fresh and nutritious for up to 3 days.

Sana 878 apple


Why feed each piece of produce by hand, when the Sana 878 will do it for you?  Just fill the large 2-liter automatic hopper with your favorite produce, turn on the juicer, and walk away.  The dual-bladed system sorts, cuts, and feeds the produce in the juicer, giving you time to do other things. A circular opening in the lid lets you throw in other ingredients without opening the lid.

Sana 878 vac container + pump

Vacuum storage

Included with the Sana 878 is our 1500 ml vacuum juice container.  Keep your juice fresh and tasty without losing any nutrition to oxidation for up to 3 days.  Just snap on the lid and use the included pump to remove the air from the container. If you follow a 500 ml daily celery juice regimen, you can make your juice for today, then vacuum seal enough juice for the next three days.  Why juice every day when you can do it just twice a week? Built in the lid is a handy calendar, so you will know how long the juice has been stored.

Sana stainless steel pulp container

Stainless steel pulp container

A work of art itself, our polished food-grade stainless steel pulp container is also practical.  First, it has a much larger capacity than the small plastic pulp containers included with other juicers.  This means you won't come back to the juicer when it is finished and find an overflowing pulp container, with pulp spilling onto your counter.  Second, if you like to save your pulp for things like muffins, cakes, or dehydrated crackers, food-grade stainless steel is the best way to do it.

Sana 878 parts (3 of 9)

Three screens included

Most vertical juicers include only one screen.  With three screens included, the Sana 878 shines in versatility.

  • Fine juicing screen: This is used to get the highest juice yield on most fruits and vegetables.  Hundreds of micro perforations in a stainless steel screen ensure the optimum amount of squeezing power, giving you the clearest juice possible.
  • Coarse juicing screen: For softer fruit like pineapple, berries, and soft apples which can get clogged in a fine juicing screen, the coarse screen has larger holes for less pressure and smoother juicing. It's also ideal if you prefer a more pulpy juice.
  • Sorbet screen:  Make a rich dessert by mixing frozen bananas with berries, mangos, tropical fruit, and more.  Make a smooth peach sorbet with frozen peaches.  Process berries for a delightful frozen ice. The possibilities are endless.

Main features

  • Self-feeding juicing system
  • High-capacity 2000 ml hopper
  • Dual blade system sorts, cuts, and feeds produce 
  • Three screens for firm produce, soft fruit, and sorbet
  • 50 rpm cold-pressed juicing
  • 1500 ml vacuum juice container with pump
  • Powerful but quiet 200W motor
  • Food grade XL stainless steel pulp container
  • Juice tap for mixing juices
  • Made in South Korea from premium components


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